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My Scheming

My Scheming Hard Skin Removal Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask

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 Skin TypesAny foot type :) 

Product Benefits: 

  • Easily removes dead skin, rough skin, and excess keratin from the foot
  • Allows skin to naturally peel, promoting cell turnover and growth of new healthy skin leaving your feet baby-soft

Product Description:
Make your feet feel like a baby's again! The feet are an often-neglected part of our skincare regimen. But over time, the skin becomes rough, aged, and stiff with excess dead skin cells accumulating. My Scheming's exfoliating foot peel works together with your body's natural ability to turnover skin cells. After applying the peel, dead skin cells will start to peel off within 5-7 days. Water activates this peeling process. 

Made in Taiwan. 1-time use treatment (30ml).

How to Use:

  1. Wash & dry feet, place feet in the foot pack & secure with the double sided tape.
  2. Leave on feet for an hour and allow the gel to be absorbed into the skin.
  3. Remove pack and wash feet gently with soap.
  4. Thoroughly rinse your feet while bathing every day with just water. There's no need to force the removal of the skin cells, it will naturally begin within 5-7 days and complete the process within a few weeks!

About the brand:
My Scheming is a rising skincare and facial mask brand from Taiwan. The name "My Scheming" originated from their belief of putting the action of beauty into place and allowing all women to enjoy improvements to their skin.

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