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Fiddy's Instant Glow Skincare Kit ($57 value)

Limited Edition & Exclusive
It's no secret that we are huge fans of @fiddysnails and her amazing skincare wisdom! So we've partnered up on an exclusive and limited edition set with Jude Chao's favorite products so everyone can get that hydrated glass skin glow we all strive for.

Curated by Jude herself, this set contains her favorite products to get that instant glow!

"Warning: Do not use unless you are prepared to BLIND PEOPLE with the radiance of your FACE.

I am all about ultra hydrated skin. No matter what age, ethnicity, or skin type you are, and no matter what other products you’re using to improve or maintain your skin, skin will not look its best without plenty of hydration. So I teamed up with the folks at Glowie Co to bring you this curated box of products to help pack your skin with so much hydration that you’ll be glowing from outer space.

-Jude Chao @fiddysnails"

Set contents:

Total value $57, a 21% savings!

Note: This set does not come with a Glowie Co cloud logo.