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Sheet Masks

One of our FAVORITE types of skincare products - sheet masks! We love using sheet masks as a quick 15 to 45 minute treatment to hydrate or target a specific skin concern.

Glowie Co has the best selection of sheet masks from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, shipped from the U.S. Choose from brands like Annie's Way, Minon Amino Moist, Mediheal, My Beauty Diary, My Scheming, 23.5°N, Lovemore, Dr. Morita, and Haruharu.

New to sheet masks or don't know where to start? Start with our Asian Beauty 101: Sheet Mask FAQs, where Jude Chao @fiddysnails goes over everything you need to know about sheet masks over on the Glowie Blog.

For those who have used sheet masks before, but would like to learn more, check out our Ingredient 101: A Guide to Sheet Mask Ingredients, which is a comprehensive guide to what ingredients are commonly used in sheet masks and what skin benefits they provide, ranging from hydration, brightening, oil control, anti-aging, and soothing. Make sure that you are picking sheet masks with ingredients that align to your skin goals.

Don't forget about making sure you check out and incorporate these Five Sheet Mask Hacks into your routine as well to really help make the sheet mask experience working the hardest it can for you.

Happy Masking!