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Majolica Majorca

Majolica Majorca Linehunter Eyeliner Black

 Please note this product is discontinued and Glowie Co will not be carrying it going forward. If you would like to check out more Japanese Beauty, click here!

Product Benefits:

  • High-precision eyeliner with a unique dual shaped felt tip point to create either a thin or thick line.

Product Description:
Majolica Majorca's Linehunter Eyeliner lets you draw clean strokes with both the delicacy of fine lines and the boldness of thick lines. The unique brush thin and flat, so you can use the thin side for a delicate line or the flat side for a wider stroke. 

Tip: We love using the flat side to wing out our liner for the perfect cat-eye look!

  • Shade: Black / BK999

Made in Japan.

 How to Use:

  • Gently remove the cap and try to avoid making contact between the brush and the sides of the cap
  • Apply the eyeliner. You may use the thin side for delicate strokes and the thick side for a bold look

About the brand:
Majolica Majorca is a brand under the Shiseido portfolio famed for its long lasting and lengthening mascaras with a unique double sided wand. Their products are designed to be treasures to with magical benefits.

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