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Beauty of Joseon

Beauty of Joseon is a clean KBeauty skincare brand rooted in the rituals of Hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine). It has reinterpreted the unchanging beauty and the traditional methods from nature within a modern way according to the wisdom of Joseon women. Based on the 'Gyuhap Chongseo', we have included the beauty methods of women from the uppermost classes of the Joseon Dynasty.

The 'Gyuhap Chongseo' which is referred to as the encyclopedia of the Joseon Dynasty, was written by Yi Bingheogak, a female Silhak scholar who was born into a prestigious family in 1809 (9th year of King Sunjo). In addition to various methods of housekeeping, methods of shaping eyebrows, cleansing for smooth skin and caring for sleek hair were recorded in this book.

Women of the Joseon Dynasty preferred makeup with minimal colors and focused more on creating clean and clear skin rather than on applying makeup and adorning themselves.