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Jude Chao
Jude Chao Shares Her Best Skincare Tips to Get Glowing Skin Of all the contributions the Asian beauty trend has made to the Western beauty scene, the glorification of dewy skin may be the most impactful. There may always be room for a matte look, but fresh, glowing, bare (or bare-looking) skin is everywhere these days—...
Glowie Co Staff
The Ultimate Guide to Taiwanese Beauty or T-Beauty! Everything you would want to know about Taiwanese skincare, including the Taiwanese skincare routine, popular Taiwanese ingredients used in skincare, and what the difference is between Taiwanese Beauty, Korean Beauty, and Japanese Beauty!
Glowie Co Staff
We are obsessed with sheet masks. Personally, we try to sheet mask at least three times a week. My go-to sheet masks have always been Korean sheet masks, then Japanese sheet masks… but what I’ve been obsessed with the past year is Taiwanese sheet masks! They are a bit harder to find (which was one of the reasons we sta...
Glowie Co Staff
When we sat down with founder Annie Wu in her Kaohsiung office in Southern Taiwan, one of the things she was most proud of was the quality of her products. And that’s because she owns and runs the factories in which her products are made, an absolute rarity in today’s beauty and skincare world.