The Best Taiwanese Sheet Masks 2020

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Posted on June 27 2019

The Best Taiwanese Sheet Masks 2020

We are obsessed with sheet masks. Personally, I try to sheet mask at least three times a week. My go-to sheet masks have always been Korean sheet masks, then Japanese sheet masks… but what I’ve been obsessed with the past year is Taiwanese sheet masks! They are a bit harder to find (which was one of the reasons we started Glowie Co) but T-beauty sheet masks will definitely the next big thing in this category.

What is so amazing about Taiwanese sheet masks is that they are expertly formulated with premium ingredients, use higher quality materials for the actual sheet, like silk rather than cotton, and are available at a great pricepoint!

Korean sheet masks have cute and fun outer packaging with interesting ingredient stories, but I find sometimes the masks are too thin, fragranced, or break me out. Japanese sheet masks are effective and amazingly developed, but can be too thin, pricey, or fragranced sometimes as well. Taiwanese sheet masks also give me a better and more noticeable result in terms of hydration and brightening.

There are several unique differences between Taiwanese sheet masks and other sheet masks from Korea and Japan. One main difference is the material used for the actual sheet. The sheets used in Taiwanese sheet masks are typically 100% silk. It may seem like a small difference, but it actually impacts more than you think. First, because of the silk, the sheet adheres much better to your face. Once you put it on, the sheet becomes translucent while on the face and becomes almost like this second skin. I hate cotton sheet masks where once you put it in, you look like a scary ghost or Jason, and depending on the thickness of the cotton sheet, it can be difficult to adhere to my face if the sheet is too thick. Sometimes, the cotton sheet can be too big for my face and then excess serum gets into the roots of my hair.

Because the silk adheres better to the skin than cotton, the sheet helps distribute the sheet mask essence more evenly across your face for maximum absorption and benefit.

Typically, pricing for Taiwanese sheet masks are pretty competitive with Japanese and Korean sheet masks, but the Taiwanese sheet masks are more efficacious and feel higher quality, so you are getting a bigger bang for your buck!

Here are some of our favorite T-Beauty sheet mask brands and Taiwanese sheet masks:

Lovemore sheet masksLovemore Sheet Masks

One of my absolute favorites. These 100% silk sheet mask clings to your face and once it’s on, it looks like a Snapchat filter, minus the animal ears. Their products are formulated with extracts from many popular Taiwanese ingredients, such as aloe, pearl barley, snow lotus, and loofah, which help to nurture and refresh skin. 

What is Loofah? Well, Loofah: Loofah (or luffa) is actually genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber family. Two species within this genius, Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula, are what’s made to use actual loofahs for cleaning once the fruit is dried! Luffa in used in skincare because loofah/luffa contains a high amount of antioxidants since it is rich in flavonoids. Antioxidants help prevent damage from free radicals. When free radicals build up, they could cause a state of stress for the skin. 

Pearl Barley, also known as Job’s Tears, hato mugi, coix seed, or 薏仁 (yi ren) is a popular ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Asian Skincare. Job’s tears are a grain that is considered to be a ‘cooling’ ingredient to help combat inflammation both internally and externally to remove ‘heat’.  It can be found in several different types of popular Asian desserts. When applied topically, it’s shown to help brighten the skin and is rich in restorative amino acids.

Annie's Way Bubble Tea Sheet Masks from Taiwan

First, all of the Annie’s Way Bubble Tea masks are so adorable! The packaging is to die for and they are all 100% silk sheet masks. 

The Green Tea mask is shown here, but they also have other flavors like Strawberry, Mango, and Black Tea. These masks are all formulated with a balance of both natural ingredients and ingredients that really pack a punch in terms of efficacy, like vitamin C, squalane, and collagen.

The Green Tea mask contains camelia tea flower and witch hazel leaf extract along with burdock root extract helps balance sebum on the skin while also soothing and moisturizing the skin. English Oak (Quercus Robur Root) extract regulates oil production and reduce shine while softening and relaxing the skin.

The Black Tea Mask is formulated with Camelia Tea Flower extract to help prevent aging of skin, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and tighten skin. Pomegranate fruit extract helps lock in moisture and refine skin. It also contains rich vitamin C to add radiance to skin.

The Strawberry Bubble Tea mask has a cocktail of strawberry, golden kiwi, and cucumber fruit extracts in addition to ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to moisturize, revitalize, and brighten skin. Strawberry extract revitalizes dull skin and golden kiwi helps restore skin’s radiance.

The Mango Bubble Tea mask contains delicious ingredients such as mango seed butter and peony extract to soften and rehydrate the skin as well as restore skin elasticity and prevent skin aging. Collagen and squalane help strengthen the skin’s moisture preservation ability while also minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and tightening the skin.

For maximum enjoyment, we recommend pairing with a cup of bubble tea ;)

 MyBeautyDiary sheet masks from Taiwan


My Beauty Diary is the OG Taiwanese Beauty brand that helped put sheet masks on the map and gave them a permanent place in our skincare routines. Their hyaluronic acid sheet mask is a classic hydrating sheet mask that's perfect for when your skin is feeling dry, irritated, or after a day out in the sun.

I love this using this thin, cotton sheet mask for whenever my skin needs a burst of hydration - whether it be from my skin being dry in the first place or if I’m using an irritating active or acid.  

Another popular mask from My Beauty Diary would be their Black Pearl Sheet Mask. This mask is great for overall brightening and moisturizing. It is formulated with black pearl essence, vitamins, and amino acids which leaves your skin glowing and shining. It also has red sea algae for extra hydration.

MBD is a great sheet mask brand for the value - good for an everyday sheet mask or whenever you feel like your skin needs an extra boost.

My Scheming sheet masks from Taiwan

The famous black sheet mask brand from Taiwan! Known for their black sheet masks, their most popular products all center around blackhead removal and oil control while also hydrating the skin at the same time. They have expanded their sheet mask range and created a sheet mask for every potential skin problem you could have. We are huge fans of how simple and effective their sheet masks are.

We love the My Scheming’s Pore Minimizing Black Sheet Mask which is formulated with witch hazel to reduce pore size and oil secretion on the face. It also contains cucumber extract to reduce inflammation and calm the skin. It’s finished off with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin at the same time. Once taken off, it leaves a matte finish on the skin and pores are noticeably smaller.

Personally being fans of My Scheming’s sheet masks, we found that it was difficult to find where to buy My Scheming, so that is why we offer My Scheming on GlowieCo! Keep an eye out for new additions coming soon!

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