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Looks good enough to eat, but makes you look good enough to eat too! Annie’s Way’s impeccably formulated Jelly Masks are prime examples of the super fun yet equally innovative and effective skincare that hails from Taiwan.
Looking back on all of the essence products I have used over the past 4 years or so, I was surprised to see how few I have worked into my routine (relative to the amount of products I have used overall). Essence is a skincare category that I seem to favor, as most of the products I trial end up performing well. I end up keeping most of the essences I use in my routine long after the trial period (with the occasional fail from time to time)…until I use up every last drop haha!
6 Natural Skincare Products from Taiwanese Brand 23.5°N Tested! 23.5°N is a brand that really puts their focus on naturally derived formulas utilizing locally sourced ingredients. A majority of the extracts and active ingredients are harvested from farms in Taiwan.
What is Naruko and what’s its place in the skincare world? In 2019-2020, it felt as if there were new skincare brands cropping up every day. Naruko on the other hand, got its start over 18 years ago in 2002 (the era of Nokia and Sony Ericsson bricks, not smartphones!). Since Naruko has had time to perfect its craft, it...
Could Silver Dihydrogen Citrate Be a Better Way to Wash Hands & Prevent COVID-19 or other Diseases? As the pandemic spreads around the world, several agencies such as the CDC and WHO have underscored the need for proper hand-washing. Using hand sanitizer alone is not as good as handwashing (even with just soap and...
The Story of My Beauty Diary What is the backstory behind Taiwanese skincare brand My Beauty Diary? Whether you’ve tried many of their sheet masks or you’re just starting out, My Beauty Diary has played an important role as a trend-setter in the Asian beauty world. Although sheet masks were not invented in Asia, it has...
When we sat down with founder Annie Wu in her Kaohsiung office in Southern Taiwan, one of the things she was most proud of was the quality of her products. And that’s because she owns and runs the factories in which her products are made, an absolute rarity in today’s beauty and skincare world.