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Looks good enough to eat, but makes you look good enough to eat too! Annie’s Way’s impeccably formulated Jelly Masks are prime examples of the super fun yet equally innovative and effective skincare that hails from Taiwan.
Looking back on all of the essence products I have used over the past 4 years or so, I was surprised to see how few I have worked into my routine (relative to the amount of products I have used overall). Essence is a skincare category that I seem to favor, as most of the products I trial end up performing well. I end up keeping most of the essences I use in my routine long after the trial period (with the occasional fail from time to time)…until I use up every last drop haha!
Guest blog by Jude Chao of Take a walk down Annie's Way Taiwanese beauty brands seem to love naming their brands after their founders. There’s Dr. Wu, Dr. Morita, and Dr. Hsieh, who together could form the best dermatology group practice of all time. I’ve always wondered whose diary I’m r...
Get Your 23.5°N from Glowie Co - Fresh and Natural Beauty from Taiwan, Shipped from the U.S. When we launched Glowie Co, our vision was to carry the best Asian beauty and skincare, with a particular emphasis on the often overlooked but innovative brands coming out of Taiwan. 23.5°N was a brand that was on our radar sin...
The Ultimate Guide to Taiwanese Beauty or T-Beauty! Everything you would want to know about Taiwanese skincare, including the Taiwanese skincare routine, popular Taiwanese ingredients used in skincare, and what the difference is between Taiwanese Beauty, Korean Beauty, and Japanese Beauty!