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What’s the tea on tea? For starters, its origins aren’t completely clear. According to legends, however, humans accidentally stumbled upon the tea-steeping process in 2737 BC: Emperor Shen Nong was drinking a bowl of water that had just been boiled when a few leaves from a nearby tree fell into his drink. He was impressed by the flavor of the infused water and its health benefits, and thus began the history of the most consumed beverage across the globe (other than water, of course)!
It’s the season of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and well-worn flannels! As we burrow into our comfiest layers of cashmere and fleece, let’s also consider giving our skin a little extra TLC with layers of emollient and occlusive moisturizers and oils.
Facial cleansing sounds self-explanatory—just clean your face—that’s all there is to it, right? Well, that barely scratches the surface of the when, how, and what. When should we be cleansing our faces, how should we do it, and what we should be using?
We’ve all been there: we’ve painstakingly applied a layer of serum on top of a layer of essence on top of a layer of toner, and as we’re going in for a cute lil moisturizer moment, it all goes wrong. It’s like it happens in slow motion—our layers of product rub off into uneven patches, with those darn white pills absolutely decimating what was supposed to be a stress-free self-care routine. You’ve rubbed off enough white blobs to put the pills in Pillsbury Doughboy.