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It’s the season of crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and well-worn flannels! As we burrow into our comfiest layers of cashmere and fleece, let’s also consider giving our skin a little extra TLC with layers of emollient and occlusive moisturizers and oils.
Facial cleansing sounds self-explanatory—just clean your face—that’s all there is to it, right? Well, that barely scratches the surface of the when, how, and what. When should we be cleansing our faces, how should we do it, and what we should be using?
We’ve all been there: we’ve painstakingly applied a layer of serum on top of a layer of essence on top of a layer of toner, and as we’re going in for a cute lil moisturizer moment, it all goes wrong. It’s like it happens in slow motion—our layers of product rub off into uneven patches, with those darn white pills absolutely decimating what was supposed to be a stress-free self-care routine. You’ve rubbed off enough white blobs to put the pills in Pillsbury Doughboy.
As the last decade within the Western beauty and self-care industry have been notably marked by the idea of holistic wellness, it’s no wonder that holistic wellness is carving out a prominent niche in skincare as well. But before the recent steady increase in interest of holistic wellness in the Western sphere, this all-encompassing understanding of wellness had already been thoroughly dissected and practiced in Asian medicine at least 2,200 years ago.
Today’s just one of those days. A stay-home-in-pajamas, call-in-for-pizza-delivery, binge-watch-Stranger-Things kind of day. And that’s perfectly on theme, because August 10 is National Lazy Day!
If you’ve tuned in to our last article on the Glowie Blog, you’ll know the kind of Asian Beauty toners we love for summer: lightweight and refreshing! Naturally, our preferences for the best summer Asian Beauty moisturizers follow the same traits. We’re looking for weightless but potent hydration, with other benefits that combat all the negative effects summer can have on the skin!
The summer heat seems unbeatable this year, with unprecedented heatwaves and humidity wreaking havoc on our skin. And as beautiful as sunny, cloudless days are this time of year, we must mention the UV damage (can you imagine our horror!) our skin is suffering during summer.
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