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The essence step in a skincare routine can sometimes be hard to pin down. Is it a watery fluid focused on brightening and hydration, or something with more weight that brings nourishment and soothing to dry skin? Luckily, more and more brands are coming out with a variety of products they deem as “essence”, meaning more options for more skin types.

K-beauty has become such a large category within the skincare world, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. The quality is top-tier, the packaging is gorgeous, and the active ingredients are unique and alluring. How do you find the best Korean eye creams when they all look and sound so amazing?

My introduction to K-Beauty happened pretty much in sync with my desire to address some skin concerns that I have been battling for years. While I had tried things like Proactiv and Clinique over the years...I never really committed to a routine or stuck with a “system

In today’s world, the number of skincare product choices can be overwhelming. Even the first step in a skincare routine of facial cleansing, you are met with too many products to choose from. With that being said, Korean cleansing balms are becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

Introducing: MEDIHEAL We are thrilled to announce our launch of MEDIHEAL on! Although we tend to carry Taiwanese sheet masks on our site, our goal has always been to bring the best of what the Asian Beauty world has to offer. MEDIHEAL sheet masks are among the very best in Korean Beauty and is the #1 best...
If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve heard of Korean beauty brand, CosRx. Otherwise known as the brand with the crazy snail essence or incredible healing pimple patches, CosRx has been a staple in the Korean beauty community for years. I initially encountered the products in Seoul in 2014 when I first began...
Looking for the solution to dull, rough, or bumpy skin? Got stubborn clogs causing breakouts and enlarged pores? Feel like your products aren’t absorbing well into your skin? Adding exfoliation to your skincare routine can help with all of these issues—if you use the right exfoliator for your skin. I was excited when t...