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Jude Chao
When it comes to building a skincare routine, most of us have eyes that are bigger than our wallets. With the near-infinite options available, including plenty of gorgeously packaged and enticingly marketed luxury skincare, it can be easy to overspend—or to give up on the whole concept, sure we won’t be able to afford...
Jude Chao

I’ve been reviewing skincare for what feels like a long, long time now. On my blog since early 2015, but for something like a year before that exclusively and extensively on Reddit. In that time, I’ve developed pronounced preferences for certain brands, due to things they do to my skin that other brands don’t. Naruko is one of those brands.

Jude Chao

One of the best aspects of Asian cosmetics is how brands combine modern ingredients and formulation technology with traditional beauty remedies. This holistic approach to skincare delivers targeted active ingredients and nutrient-rich natural compounds to nourish the whole complexion while treating specific skin issues. And since rice is a staple of so many Asian diets, it should come as no surprise that rice has a place in skincare, too. A prominent place.