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We’re right in the thick of autumn and moving towards winter; the days are getting chillier, and you can practically smell the apple cider in the air. As we swap our short sleeves for knit sweaters and baseball caps for beanies, we need to adjust our skincare routines too! The colder weather and drier conditions of fall and winter are often harsh on our skin, so here are some tips and product recommendations for healthy skin this season.
Skincare can be an incredibly fulfilling interest, but can be incredibly costly as well. We’re dazzled by literal promises of beauty, with even marketing language of brands geared towards commodifying beauty. You can buy your beauty in bottles, jars, and tubs. And, of course, with a hefty price tag. It’s easy to get caught up in sparkly, whimsical descriptions and packaging, so much so that we’re willing to dish out an extra $170 for an ounce of face cream (we’re looking at you, La Mer!) because we believe the beautifying effects will justify the cost.
A small disclaimer: We want to point out that it’s a common practice for the skincare industry to demonize or acne-shame in an attempt to create and feed into insecurities to better promote anti-acne products. We believe that all skin is perfect as long as you feel comfortable in it, and wish you all the best in your skincare journey. If your skincare journey involves reducing acne and acne scarring, please read on for more information!
It’s peak summer heat—sweat galore, skin greasy, pores clogged—the last thing you want is a heavy moisturizer that packs richness where your skin needs none. And yet, moisturizers are still an important part of your skincare routine and should not be skipped even in the summer. Moisturizers help protect your skin barrier, and hydrating moisturizers in particular will allow your skin to produce a normal amount of oil and sebum.
We don’t know who needs to hear this, but we can’t emphasize this enough: up to 90% of premature aging is caused by sun exposure. (Not to scare you, but even high exposure to blue light from electronic devices can cause premature aging too!) It’s common knowledge to always wear sunscreen before going out and reapply sun protection once every two hours for maximum effect! And yet, even after all the precautions we take before and during our day in the sun, we don’t talk nearly enough about what we should do to take care of our skin AFTER a long day of attempting to fight off UV rays.
If you’ve browsed enough skincare, you’ll definitely have seen the words “moisturizing” and “hydrating” used interchangeably. But are they really the same?
Japanese Beauty, or J-Beauty for short, has been around for a long, long time. From as far back as the Nara Period, women in Japanese society were obsessed with the idea of fair skin. In the Edo Period, we see this sentiment echoed again in a “skincare bible” of sorts that documented various methods and recipes for achieving translucent, blemish-free skin. Fast forward to 2021, J-Beauty is now a stronghold in the cosmetics and skincare industries globally: Shiseido, one of the oldest beauty companies in the world at 149-years-old, is the FIFTH largest cosmetics company in the world. Scientific advancements in J-Beauty laid the foundation for worldwide trends in cosmetics and skincare. (Fun fact: Shiseido was the first company to produce hyaluronic acid from non-animal sources!)
It's that time of year again—seasonal changes often upset not only our lungs and brain, but also the skin, with external irritants. Particularly around May to July, blooming trees, grasses, weeds, and flowers deliver pollen into the air, causing a cacophony for the especially sensitive. On top of seasonal allergens, the month of June marks the official end of spring and the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, with temperatures shooting up in mid-July and mid-August.

K-beauty has become such a large category within the skincare world, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. The quality is top-tier, the packaging is gorgeous, and the active ingredients are unique and alluring. How do you find the best Korean eye creams when they all look and sound so amazing?

In today’s world, the number of skincare product choices can be overwhelming. Even the first step in a skincare routine of facial cleansing, you are met with too many products to choose from. With that being said, Korean cleansing balms are becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

What is Naruko and what’s its place in the skincare world? In 2019-2020, it felt as if there were new skincare brands cropping up every day. Naruko on the other hand, got its start over 18 years ago in 2002 (the era of Nokia and Sony Ericsson bricks, not smartphones!). Since Naruko has had time to perfect its craft, it...
Korea has always been globally known for its thriving music and entertainment industries, but these past few years, Korea has become a leader and driving force for the global beauty industry. They have developed innovative products, creating new categories that have found a permanent place in the skincare routines of c...