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Moisturizers are one of the most important products you need in your routine, but which one would work best for your skin type? Which textures would work best for your skin type and what types of formulas would provide you with the most protection and hydration? I’ll be testing out four different moisturizers from three different brands so you’ll have a better idea of which one to choose for yourself!
Going on my trip to Japan at the beginning of this year, I wasn’t expecting to buy much cosmetics until the last few days when FOMO hit, and it hit hard. I had a small list of skincare and cosmetic products I wanted to buy, but seeing the price of cosmetics there, I was shocked since I am so used to the affordability of Korean cosmetics.

3 Holy Snails Products Reviewed by ChristinaHello Holy Snails, a brand that has been around the block for ages, has been an icon in the skincare community for a long time. Starting off as a blog back in 2014, Holy snail was birthed through a Redditor on the Asian beauty forum along with the help of Jude from Fifty shad

Anytime I see the brand Haruharu, I automatically think of Big Bang’s old school hit song. No we aren’t talking about Big Bang today. I have seen the Haruharu brand pop up here and there but I remember them more for their comic sheet masks they had in the past which had very odd...
When I was researching for all the J-beauty products I’d want to purchase on my trip to Tokyo, Minon was one of those brands that kept popping up. So when I looked into it, I found out it has been a cult favourite since 2016 and for years and years, the whole Minon's Amino Moist...