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3 Holy Snails Products Reviewed by ChristinaHello Holy Snails, a brand that has been around the block for ages, has been an icon in the skincare community for a long time. Starting off as a blog back in 2014, Holy snail was birthed through a Redditor on the Asian beauty forum along with the help of Jude from Fifty shad

Anytime I see the brand Haruharu, I automatically think of Big Bang’s old school hit song. No we aren’t talking about Big Bang today. I have seen the Haruharu brand pop up here and there but I remember them more for their comic sheet masks they had in the past which had very odd...
When I was researching for all the J-beauty products I’d want to purchase on my trip to Tokyo, Minon was one of those brands that kept popping up. So when I looked into it, I found out it has been a cult favourite since 2016 and for years and years, the whole Minon's Amino Moist...