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It’s Bubble Tea Time: Annie’s Way Grape and Blueberry Bubble Tea Masks Review

Reviewing masks can get repetitive. For the most part, a good mask is a good mask, and most good masks do pretty much the same thing. Baseline requirements are a comfortably fitting sheet and an essence that delivers plenty of hydration to skin. Some masks brighten more than others; some masks tighten skin for an instant firming effect. But those effects, and the special ingredients that distinguish one mask’s marketing from another, are generally window dressing compared to the main draw of intensive hydration.

That doesn’t mean the window dressing is pointless, however. Sometimes the special ingredients really do seem to deliver special effects. The seaweed in the Annie’s Way Hyaluronic Acid + Seaweed and Gingko + Seaweed eye masks noticeably firms and smooths the surface of my skin, for example. And as for the fun factor, variety and enjoyment in sheet masks is a great way to encourage regular use of them, which ultimately benefits skin—well hydrated skin looks, feels, and functions better, and hydration needs to be replenished regularly.

That brings us to the Annie’s Way Bubble Tea line of sheet masks, the subject of today’s review. If you generally need the fun factor to stay consistent with your sheet mask use, then maybe these candy-scented sheet masks with the bubble tea theme and actual great results will suit your tastes!

Annie's Way Blueberry Bubble Tea Sheet Mask $14 Annie's Way Grape Bubble Tea Sheet Mask $14

Fit and Feel - Annie's Way Bubble Tea Sheet Masks

The Bubble Tea line of masks are made from a slightly different material than the Mask Gallery ones. While the Bubble Tea mask material is still very thin, pliable, clingy, and translucent, it’s less flimsy than the Mask Gallery sheets. The increase in sturdiness makes them easier to unfold and apply, and they aren’t as prone to stretching out as the very elastic Mask Gallery masks can be.

They’re also cut a bit differently than the Mask Gallery masks. The Bubble Tea line’s masks are bigger overall. There’s ample forehead coverage here—they actually cover my big forehead completely!—and lots of room in the cheek and jaw area. A common complaint I hear about sheet masks is that Asian sheet masks are often cut too small to comfortably fit Western faces. The larger overall size of these should mitigate that issue somewhat.

Essence and Effects - Annie's Way Grape & Blueberry Bubble Tea Sheet Masks

Because these are Annie’s Way masks, the sheets come saturated with very generous amounts of essence, and the essence does an excellent job of instantly hydrating and reviving my skin.

My absolute favorite in this line is the Grape Restoring Bubble Tea Sheet Mask. This mask smells like grape candy, which incidentally is one of my favorite fruit candy scents and flavors, and one 30-45 minute masking session hydrates my skin to maximum plumpness while soothing minor irritation. The rose water and humectants in these masks are instantly quenching. Niacinamide, panthenol, and allantoin help calm redness. This mask also contains antioxidant-rich grapeseed and pomegranate extracts, which might help ward off some wrinkle-accelerating free radical damage.

I'm also a fan of the Blueberry Lifting Bubble Tea Sheet Mask. I find the blueberry candy scent almost as pleasant as the grape candy scent of the grape flavor. These deliver a stronger brightening effect than the grape, perhaps due to the addition of glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract. Long-term use of licorice root extract can help fade hyperpigmentation, while in the short term, licorice's anti-inflammatory effects reduce the kind of unevenness caused by red blotches.

The bottom line

While I have my personal favorites, however, the point I really want to stress in this particular review is that I find all the masks in this line to be more or less equally effective at what they’re supposed to do. They fit nicely, feel great, and hydrate and calm skin extremely well. The fact that there are a multitude of flavors to choose from doesn’t mean that any one flavor is “better” than the other—the variety itself is the draw. After all, using the same mask every time tends to get boring.

A fun featured ingredient, like black tea if you’re all about that boba life, strawberry if you love sweet fruit scents, or mango if you feel like going tropical, helps to keep the mask portion of your skincare routine fresh. The fresher your masking feels, the more you can enjoy it, and the more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to stick with it. When it comes to maintaining well hydrated skin and that coveted dewy glow, consistency is key. So grab as many different flavors of bubble tea masks as you want. Your skin will drink all of them up!